May 2016

Our Boys

At this current time we have a wonderful boy

Our newest boy is a seal point male that also comes from NZ. I made contact with Lyall Payne quite some time ago and expressed my interest in something from him.. His plans gave us the opportunity to bring Chalfont Rattle n Hum home this year. His lack of love of travel soon gained him his pet name of U2 so noisy he is a good likeness!! But we have high hopes of some wonderful progeny.
We do offer stud services from our boy and whilst we do not put any restrictions on what is produced we do ask that you respect our offer to use our boy. Fees are not requested until it is confirmed that your queen is in kitten but is to be paid in full. Our price for this is linked to the price of a pet kitten which is currently $900..00. If you wish to use our boy please get in touch prior to your queen coming into season so that we can advise our current breeding plans for the coming season..

We have now desexed U2 and he is retired and in a lovely home on the Sunshine Coast.

We are so pleased to introduce our newest boy a lovely blue point from Lesely Gaze Spellbound Kanti will be a great addition to our plans.